>The Tinies Spread Second Life Cheer


I took a break from my ice cave (more about that at a later time) to go to the Metanomics taping today. It was a good show and you should check it out when you have time.

The highlight for me though happened before the show started. A Choir of Tinies from Raglan Shire serenaded us with carols and it was a fabulous experience. This was my first opportunity to hear them and I was totally smitten. The Choir visits sites all over the grid at this time of year to share their songs and make people smile – if you get a chance to hear them please take it. You won’t be sorry! Their special lyrics and their River Dance will brighten your life. :)

I took a crappy photo and didn’t manage to write down all of their names and I apologize for both failures. But I did find this video from last year which will give you just a taste of their magic.

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  1. >Thank you Honour. We enjoy carolling around the grid this time of year to bring a smile to all. Merry Wootmas from the Tinies of Raglan Shire.

  2. >They stopped by Piper Point and The Yak the other night. They were most amusing and delightful.-ls/cm

  3. >Thanks, Honour for mentioning this. Tammy Nowotny, Metanomics Volunteer Extraordinaire, arranged for Teal and her crew to sing last Monday. Thanks to all of them for a truly wonderful moment shared.


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