>Great Poses! Gesticulate Opens in Second Life


I received a lovely surprise when I logged in this morning – sample poses from my friend Elusyve’s new store Gesticulate! Elusyve Jewell and Gidge Uriza have been working very hard to make cool poses and set up the store which opens tomorrow – October 1. Who could resist a store that packages its product in gnomes?

I’m not a model or a great photographer but I’ve been wanting some poses to make what I do look a little less amateurish and I’ve been tapping my foot waiting for the new store to open. :) I used a few of the great samples to show off some more alpha.tribe skins/outfits. Any less than satisfactory results are the fault of the person clicking the picture – not the pose or outfit designers. :)


Pose: Lug Std. 7 by Gesticulate

Skin&Outfit: Copper Celt by alpha.tribe


Pose: Jef Std. 3 by Gesticulate

Skin&Outfit: Chintz by alpha.tribe
Location: Curious Prim

Pose: Ima Std. 9 by Gesticulate

Skin&Outfit: Green Chaos by alpha.tribe

Models and photographers are going to love these poses! Smooth transitions for models and a lot of variety for photographers. The great news for all of us, in addition to dollarbies and a low single pose price, fat packs of 5 poses are only L$100! Do yourself a favour and go visit Gesticulate as soon as it opens! :)

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  1. >OMG Thank you somuch for blogging us! You look GREAT Gesticulating!

  2. >My pleasure! Thank you!!!

  3. >Thank you, you gesticulate like only a canuck can *hugs*

  4. >LOL it's that cool Canadian air :)


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