Art & a Trigger Warning in Second Life

Transit’t-Taciturnly by Selavy Oh (moderate)

Mimesis Monday and Selavy Oh have collaborated on Transit’t-Tacturnly on LEA10. This is going to be one of those occasions when I can give you the same hints I received, and tell you about my experience with the installation, but I can give you no insights or explanation.

I will say this though, I suspect there are triggers here for anybody who has experienced abuse and would advise those individuals to stay away.

Transit’t-Taciturnly by Selavy Oh (moderate)

The sim is almost entirely filled by an endless rainfall of semi-transparent (and usually gigantic) balls. For the first time in my life I started to feel both trapped and completely helpless.

Every time there was some clearing, and I started to relax, my surroundings were consumed again.

Transit’t-Taciturnly by Selavy Oh (moderate)

There is a small area on the edge of the moving landscape with words that seem to relate to children and punishment. The only other clue I saw was in the parcel description:

The moaning and groaning,

The sighing and sobbing,
Are quieted now,

With that horrible throbbing
At heart:
—ah, that horrible,
Horrible throbbing!

(For Annie by EDGAR ALLAN POE)

Transit’t-Taciturnly by Selavy Oh (moderate)

There are two animations provided at the landing spot which may prove to be a way to address the feeling of an overwhelming inability to combat the forces raging against you.

One sets you rolling in somersaults so that you can try to move through the area without being beaten down. The other gives your avatar complete stillness, as if you were ignoring the elements around you.

I found Transit’t Tacturnly to be disturbing, but I’m glad I went. It’s not for everybody though.

Transit’t-Taciturnly by Selavy Oh (moderate)

Warm Up That Camera Finger in Second Life

Aspen Fell (moderate)

I haven’t gone looking through the Destination Guide for a while, but Inara has.  She used it to find this glorious sim called Aspen Fell.

Aspen Fell (moderate)

She explains the region well in her post and talks about the options in terms of Windlight. I stuck to Region Default, even though it’s dark, because it was such a relief to find night used so beautifully without vampires or other life threatening species.

Aspen Fell (moderate)

The sim is named for the owner/builder and he has done a superb job of creating a landscape that is, paradoxically enough, warm and relaxing. You’ll find paths to wander, places to sit, and vistas that will intrigue you.

Aspen Fell (moderate)

If you’ve ever felt an itch in that camera finger, prepare yourself. I don’t know how anybody can resist trying to capture some shots. I’ll warn you though, it’s so peaceful and visually appealing, you may find a few hours have disappeared. This is well worth your time.

Aspen Fell (moderate)

Playing With Water in Second Life

The Outer Harbor (moderate)

I’m trying to get a project finished, so I didn’t distract myself by exploring this morning. I do have a small amount of self-discipline on occasion. :)

These two images are just to illustrate some experiments I’ve been doing with the Environment Editor. As much as I love playing with Windlight, I get frustrated by how flat the water becomes with most of them. For once I decided to push some buttons and see what the water settings could do.

I moved the two Fresnel sliders and wound up with something I think is a little more interesting. Needs far more investigation on my part – I’ll do that when the work is done.

The Outer Harbor (moderate)

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